How to accept donation with event registration

Many events are conducted for charity purpose by NGOs, charitable trusts and other event organizations. In such events, organizers want people to register and attend event for free and make donations. People can enter whatever amount they want to donate while registering for an event.

Event Espresso allows to set up free as well paid event registration in WordPress. Currently, it lacks the feature of accepting  donation with event registration. This can be achieved by extending Event Espresso’s core functionality. Following solution can be used to accept donation while registering for event:

1. Add donation input box on event details page

2. Enter attendee details

3. Complete registration by paying donation amount

This solution can also be used where registrants can pay the amount of their choice for event ticket.

One thought on “How to accept donation with event registration

  • Did you submit this code to EE’s GitHub Repository? Can you provide info on how you implemented? Are you offering this functionality for purchase?

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